About Fury Spearfishing

New in 2018, Rick Bettua (Fury Water Sports, in the USA) in conjunction with Spearfishing Superstore, under the brand “Fury”, is releasing the latest line of carbon spearguns to Australia. Rick Bettua’s spearguns and components have been sold around the world and are well known for their quality and durability.

Our History

Fury Water Sports LLC was founded in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 2014. Fury designs and builds premium equipment and components for the spearfishing industry utilizing state of the art manufacturing processes. These processes include: MIM (metal injection moulding), Plastic Injection Moulding using Dupont Industries Super tough Nylons, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Barrel Moulding as well as a multitude of precision CNC machined items. All components created by Fury are designed and tested to ensure and maintain the highest quality parts available to the spearfishing industry.

Rick Bettua has been building and designing spearguns and their components for 20 years. He is the founder and original owner of the brand known around the world as Aimrite. He still owns the distribution rights to Aimrite America in the USA, North and South America as well as Europe and Africa. In addition, he owns Fury Water Sports LLC, as mentioned above. Fury owns their own custom designs and mouldings of various carbon speargun barrels and assorted speargun accessories such as roller heads, handles and reels etc. Over the past several years Fury has sold their custom-designed components to other speargun manufacturers to use the parts to build guns under their own branded names. An agreed decision was made between Fury and Spearfishing Superstore in 2018 to now assemble Fury components and manufacture their own Fury line of spearguns here in Australia and to stop supplying other speargun brands with Fury components in Australia.

Fury Today

The Fury range of spearguns is assembled here in Cairns, QLD Australia by Spearfishing Superstore from components supplied by Fury in the USA. The aim of Fury in Australia is to push the limits of development of high-end carbon spearguns and provide a premium service to the Australian market.

All Fury Spearguns and equipment designed by Fury and Spearfishing Superstore are only available under the “Fury” brand in Australia.

With the release of the Fury range of spearguns on the market now, you could see some components of the spearguns look similar to other brands of spearguns on the market. As mentioned above this is due to Fury supplying other Brands with their components. However, this will stop now as Fury no longer supply other brands in Australia with their speargun components and will be focusing on their own line of products in conjunction with Spearfishing Superstore. After all, competition breeds both “innovation and honesty”.

Due to the upgraded efforts and quality in all the components in manufacturing the Fury speargun range, Fury is providing a lifetime warranty on all their Spearguns. Spearfishing Superstore is holding a full supply of all internal and external parts as well as complete handles and all components which make up the Fury speargun range. Both parties do not anticipate any issues within the Fury range, but if for some unforeseen reason there is a warranty issue or damage due to customer neglect, parts are on hand to get your speargun back up and running as quick as possible.

We (Fury, in collaboration with Spearfishing Superstore) feel this new direction will enable us to have our finger on the pulse of the Australian market and enable us to evolve spearfishing equipment in the direction that Australian customers want. It will also allow us to supply exceptional customer service as this is something we feel very strongly about and want to uphold to the Australian market.